World’s Largest Corn Maze Immortalizes James Bond Movies with 10-Mile Masterpiece in Illinois

Even super spy James Bond might need British Intelligence help to escape this Quantum of corn.

An incredibly-detailed maze was planted on an Illinois farm to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the iconic agent’s first film, Dr. No—and it’s quite the SPECTRE.

Hailed as the world’s largest corn maze, the trail stretches 10 miles and spans over a 28-acre area at the Richardson Adventure Farm in Spring Grove.

The five main Bond actors who appeared in more than one film, are perfectly immortalized in the planting—Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, and Pierce Brosnan.

The design also features a Bond girl, a Monaco casino, and Aston Martin car driven by 007.

“We are Bond fans. We love all the films,” explains George Richardson, 69, who operates the farm along with wife, Wendy, son George, and brother, Robert.

“Every winter we are thinking about what the corn maze theme will be,” he continues. “If the Chicago sports teams did something spectacular, we celebrate that because it’s popular with the customers and media. But, that didn’t happen, so we searched for anniversaries of great things.

“Several good ideas came to light, but themes also have to have the potential to make a great giant picture.

“That’s when James bond came to the front of the list. It has broad customer appeal, the media will have fun with it, and it will make a spectacular picture.

“The Bond films seem to have just the right amount of action, romance, intrigue, and plot twists, without being brutally bloody. They are always enjoyable.”

Cutting edge design and planting technology was needed to create the maze.

“Faces are challenging for us to rototill, but our maze designer,, does a great job of “drawing them” for a wow factor, explained George.

“GPS is hooked into a computer which tells the planter units when to plant corn. Very neat.

“After the corn is around 4’ tall, we rototill the trails with our own tractor to smooth the lines of the trails and leave nice smooth walking trails.”

The family previously immortalized the Fab Four in one of their designs.

“One of our favorite mazes from the past is the Beatles maze we did in 2013, celebrating 50 years since their first recorded song, Love, Love Me Do—and the notes of the song were in the design.”

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